Sophie Goldberg (Omaha, Nebraska) graduated in April 2017 from the BFA program in Interarts performance at the University of Michigan with a minor in creative writing. Sophie's interdisciplinary work explores concepts of miscommunication and community identity through writing, music, fibers, video, audio, visual communication, and movement.

Sophie’s artistic pursuits began with music, graphic design, and dance. In high school, she dreamt of collaging her interests together into a cohesive form. Since joining the Interarts program in 2013, Sophie has studied--individually and collaboratively--across a breadth of creative processes, ranging from improvisational dance, to stop-motion animation, to printmaking, to full scale performance installation. She sees the conversational nature of working toward a shared artistic vision as an effective exercise in empathy, problem solving, and originality. She is an active member of the Call Your Mom performance collective, alongside four of her fellow classmates at the University of Michigan, Emma Bergman, Mia Massimino, and E Cadoux. The collective has performed together since 2014, where they got their start in the Duderstadt Video Studio, Argus Gallery, at the Ann Arbor Threads Festival, and across the U of M campus. Now, Call Your Mom operates out of Baltimore, MD and performs across the country, showing at the Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC and at the Neu Now Online Arts Festival. 

Sophie is currently working as an Early Literacy Tutor at a Pre-Kindergarten Judy Center in Baltimore, MD. In the future, she hopes to utilize her artistic interests and skillsets to engage in public art conversations and construct positive social structures. She has experience with grant writing, teaching in a public school setting, presenting to a board, and facilitating conversational and movement-based workshops.