tasteful scramble...

babysitter’s insertion

religious voyeurism 

spirituality vs. questioning vs. agnosticism vs. giving up vs. judaism vs. ritual vs. trump/christ style compulsive lying to get a following vs. return to a daily ritual vs. nostalgia vs. interfaith dialogue vs. this close

all in cahoots with one another, but not






back projection

curl, unravel, undo, undo, undo — call your mom 2014 — also, my writing style


HELP! I need somebody! help! not just anybody




technology sounds: bleeps and bloops

hand crafty sounds: rips, bonks, cracks, hammers, sands

unplaceable nostalgia sounds of the 19somethings


20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 




any time but today


HERE + NOW = wanna be elsewhere

wannabes elsewhere

a wannabe’s elsewhere…. EPITOME of A House (eh-pi-tome as pronounced by Mia’s accomplished mom Elisa Massimino) 


if only it weren't a gimmick to give out free pizza at this thing


is this show gonna be like “you’re the reason I came to work today” or like “I’m taking a mental health day” or like “I’m gonna come to work today but I don’t want to, a little bit due to you” 


I am typing inside a lot of noise

made by mia on the phone with her dad

talking about editing her brother’s acting real

for college applications


what the fuck is relevant? 

and what’s not?

cause it honestly all seems related

but I thought I vowed never to have another

conversation/thought about college applications

since my acceptance into min. one college