computer problems

It is a challenge to work on the computerized elements of my IP project because my laptop is currently getting repaired. I am using my significant other's computer (thank you, Nathan). And I'm typing straight into the internet... so here goes:

Hello blogpost readers/viewers--mom, dad, sister, brother, boyfriend, advisors, GSIs, collaborators, housemates, mom's best friends, and whomever else my parents have secretly given this link to. Hello. It is sure weird to be here with you. 

I've been struggling with the idea that this in-process blog has been made public. Today in my poetry workshop we talked about social media and about the different personas we put on to perform for different audiences on the internet. I have many internet versions of myself--Facebook (political opinions, food videos, strangers, current (celebrity) events, grandparents), Instagram (hipsters, no grandparents), Linkedin (not much), Gmail (professors, spam, important info you shouldn't miss), etc., etc. What a list. And I'm realizing that this is one of them! My dad called my blog "stream of consciousness" over the phone last week. Anyway, this is a space for process, but it's strangely related to my project that I've allowed everyone to see it. Hey, ya voyuers! I feel like I'm the Wizard of Oz behind the screen, like I've been struggling to conceptualize who I'm speaking to, so I feel like I can say anything. I wonder if understanding and visualizing the recipients of my thoughts will change the way I'm thinking about this thesis. So what if my blog is stream of consciousness, Dad! Future employers, I want y'all to know who I really am! 

Is the internet a living space? A space to create family? Is there a disconnect when comforting relationships are created from behind a screen?

I've been working a lot by hand today--in my journal, and on canvas, and in 3D. It makes me feel good. I know I'm on Nathan's computer typing this, even though I usually just write up my little blurbs into my notebook and then spend hours scanning them all into my compute. After neglecting my blog all day, I thought you all needed some loving... Especially you, Nathan. Nathan just informed me that it is National Boyfriend Day and I have exactly 1 hour and 18 minutes to post on social media thanking him for his service as my boyf. Thanks bebbi. 

Yay to stream of consciousness spills onto the internet!!!!! Take up space today! Be yourself! 

Hit rock bottom right now cause the Jews say we only have like 9ish days to repent for our sins and get into the book o' life! I love you, sister Molly! I'm sorry your day was whack. I think those are all my shoutout/announcement. Acknowledging your presence.