other things that also happened this week

-My boyfriend Nathan made bread, which is pictured as dough with the picture of Eliza below (scroll through gallery). It was delicious and it brought people together.

-I had a beautiful sensory experience at Adventura drinking this drink that was made by these sexy bartenders who were less like bartenders and more like artists. It made me think so much about sensory preferences, comfort, and taste. It inspired me to start up a piece about taste buds and color for the Helicon Synesthesia show. I want to serve people the smell of home. The taste of a lush landscape or a color. Nostalgia on the tongue. The smell of the trip you took to the Grand Canyon. The way the sound of a car passing by your bedroom window looks. Or feels. 

-Mia and I serendipitously met a man at Mighty Good who is on the board for the Ann Arbor Public Arts Commission. We chatted briefly about his role/our art and then he accidentally left his scarf (also featured in a photo below). This accidentally, once again, resulted in another conversation that secured Call Your Mom a ten minute slot to give a Penny Stamps inspired lecture for the board, the mayor, and the public in January. I can't wait to see what comes of this coincidence!