expanded notes from my tuesday meeting with nick tobier

I had the opportunity to meet with Nick in my studio on tuesday. He gave me some great advice! About the house, the greater art world, the structure of IP review, the future. Here's what I gathered:

the yarn snakes draped over the studio resemble

70’s macrame plant holders

find out the history repetitive and mind numbing activity

what are the things you think about while you’re doing it (knitting, weaving)

purpose behind the motion (a bird's purpose is to build a shelter, as is a brick layers, what is grandma’s reason for knitting? does she want to kill time or leave her mark?)

direct that motion and interrupt it in the appropriate places

image of childhood stuffed animal or blanket with a gaping whole in its body

representing unpredictable trauma, changing the course of what seems inevitable

regular intervals messed with 


image of a deer going to sleep 

patting down the area 

where the ground resists flattening

repetitive motion, circling around the ideal place until it feels comfortable enough to rest in


check out pig iron—performance troupe in philly 

did a show called anodyne

one character lead you from one room to another

research more punch drunk sleep no more stuff

fiona templeton 

juliette henley

subverting the tone of an audio guide/virtual docent

janet cardiff - audio guide of architecture, central park

skills sets that are appealing to corporate folk!!!!


gaston bachelard (author of poetics of space) was a mailman

what does this mean about voyeurism and his studies of physical space

I’ve always wanted to see inside USPS truck

physical structures and watching refugees, people watching

watching people enter a space with a set boundary that they aren’t supposed to be allowed it, who sets boundaries? temptation and tentativeness

andrea fraser 

the builders association production of a doll house

idea of a family needing a house… a family doesn’t need a physical structure to exist, and might find more strength without it, or with some nontraditional version

a home can be filled with tension and silence, a safe place terrified of change, a place of unspoken trauma that just is because


autobiographical or collective?

what does it mean to make home with collaborators who have different ideas about what home is?


I recently met a family that lives between two houses, ten houses apart on the same lake. The husband and wife are happily married, but they live in separate houses. They each have four children from previous marriages. They tried to put all eight under one roof at first, but everyone was miserable. They have the money to fulfill this odd system that works for them. I hear the adults are extremely intelligent and successful. My mom said that the dad called the kids “fuck ups.” I wonder when they decided to stop sacrificing. 


who has enlarged this hole-

performance installation mid 90s 

title based on a note that was left next to some plumbing in the basement

ann sofi siden falling down a flight of stairs

I remember falling down the stairs many times

I remember Bob wolfson slipping on the ice outside our front door after dinner and ending up with a hospital bed in the middle of his living room

I don’t remember anything in between….

I’m REALLY interested in writing or producing some adaptation of Joe Brainard’s I Remember… I think it is really compelling. We did an exercise like that in my poetry class and everyone’s responses were so unique and personal. It was lovely. They all seemed like they went together too. It might be nice to repeat one word or phrase (a la Ginsberg’s HOWL) to unify the variety of tones in call your mom writing. We did something similar to this in THIS CLOSE with the word “understand."


how does plumbing play into A House? What can we say about economics/politics/water/life if we talk about plumbing?


think about how to document (video) with/without interrupting the experience


other things to check out according to nick: 

beebah bell - laffayete park

the kosh - immigrant and marginalized communities uk

apply for union for contemporary art

urban center for contemporary art, grand rapids through kendall college

living arts detroit