“if to borrow is to take and not return, I have borrowed all my lonesome life. And I can’t, no I can’t, get through. The borrower’s debt is the only regret of my youth.” —Fleet Foxes

We went back to the house this week and I feel so excited about it. I’m starting to feel welcome there. I’m starting to see just how things will come together in the actual installation, which is freeing up some space for me to think about its transition into the gallery. We met with Doug, the Masters in Composition who is composing the musical bits of the installation. He seems to be on the same page as us. And he is so knowledgable. He suggested brass — trumpets trumpeting from the forest behind the house. Maybe some piano? Lullabies? Ambient reed quintets? Guitar or drum sets prerecorded and played from behind closed doors. He is on it! It will be great to have bodies that aren’t ours performing. I think it will keep it from being too autobiographical. 

Making the powerpoints for review is really helping to clarify the through lines and the compartmentalization of our piece. 

It’s not all totally scripted yet, so I won’t share that piece, but it will be my job to talk through:

the nest, installation and audio, the arm knitting movement that will take place in the nest room

a few other experimental movement pieces that we have sketched out


the documentation/transition from the house into the gallery space.so I’ll have to cover, how we will document during the exhibition, what it will mean to transplant home into a viewer’s space, and how it will read differently (how we can still have control over its read).

Here is the link to some of the images I’ve compiled:


I’m feeling largely inspired by the neofuturists this week. I’m not sure exactly why though. It has something to do with a distanced audience interaction. It also might be because of the episodes. They move so fast. And they are funny as they confront really difficult subject matter.

I’m also in the process of uploading a video of our first collaborative arm knitting choreography. I will post the link when it’s up! 


Clarity, clarity, and communication! We are working on it. I’m feeling a little like everyone is fed up with everything, but that is that nature of the time between thanksgiving and christmas. It’s okay! I can’t wait to get feedback on the mock review. I think it will be supremely helpful. 



OH! And we got a grant! The EXCEL enterprise fund grant! $650 buckeroos that will assist us in making our little dreams come true.