I can't remember what I had for breakfast. maybe mac and cheese. apple with peanut butter. not treating myself to anything these days. except eliza just made lasagna. the pinched nerve in my neck makes it difficult to do many things. anyway, during my apple-with-peanut-butter breakfast, we thought a fuze blew. So we called DTE and then I spent the whole morning talking to robots. IP was frustrating today. I learned a lot from listening to Shane's work and taking notes, translating his ideas into my own head, but I felt distracted during the grant/artist statement lesson. I was feeling timid about the future and anxious about the validity of my ideas. My lack of preparedness for class could have had something to do with my anxiety. I scanned in my journal entries onto my blog and didn't have a chance to print them. I talked to Ruth about being behind in class because of complications with the power outage. That said, I thought it was a meaningful class. I wish I could have brought more attention and energy to it. It was a long day, but I'm trying to write. I've been writing cool things and keeping my journal with such consistency. It's hard to get the things in my journal to translate onto my website, into the 3D realm, in conversation with our proposal... feeling lost today. i'm in my bed listening to Mia talk on the phone about the health benefits of intense weekend dancing when squats are involved. It is lovely to feel at home at the carriage house tonight. thank you eliza. thank you lasagna. i love you lasagna.... food for thought/thesis?



wooden structure in the shape of the symbol of a house

fabric walls billowing in the wind

deconstructed home sculpture

hanging baby gates

rubber busts in the bath tub

soap for dinner!!!!