wild work week w/ marathon @ anya's


log for anya's residency

real talk contortions script

creative alliance baltimore application

future plans



this week in pictures! we went to the house and spent many hours at anya's. we will also be living and sleeping at 910 sunset road thursday-thursday next week which is like wahoooooooo!!! dog sitting for the win. patrick is getting real open and generous. being there is very very motivating. I think the essence of this home will clarify when we go to sleep there, watch the sunset there, bathe, for example, and/or cook ourselves breakfast in this false home. the more time we spend there, the more our aesthetic vision melds with the space... in a good way! we are not letting our ideas give way to what already exists there. we are honoring its history in additive and subtractive ways, emphasizing and hiding different elements to get at the specificity and the sweetness of this home! good stuff. here's some pics of us real talk contorting and such: