This week was about power.

The power went out at 910 Sunset Road. The power of the weather did it. And then, with great reluctance to do so, we had the power to postpone the show and we took advantage of said power. There is so much in the show about power too. As we performed a makeshift, low-tech version of the show for our parents, many of which came to town this weekend to see Household, I realized all the power dynamics within it. I felt the haunting. It felt good to show them what we'd been working on, even in the freezing cold house without lights, projectors, speakers, etc. We rescheduled the performance for the public on March 24th and 25th and reservations are coming in. Even though some amazing people won't get to see it, it was good that we prioritized everyone's safety. It was waaay too cold and dark in the house to have the show. And now, we have the next week or and a bit to tighten transitions and plan out the show's transition into the gallery. It might even be nicer to transfer artifacts directly from the house into the gallery without any waiting in between time cluttered in the studio. It was great to get feedback from family and friends from out of town. It was a little unfair that we made them sit through the cold performance, but I'm secretly glad they got to see the show before everyone else! Ooh, another thing on the bright side of this unfortunate situation is that I got to go to the DIA with my family today. 

With all that said, I do hope our luck improves in the coming days and weeks. We are overcoming each obstacle with a sort of clumsy grace, but they still feel like obstacles. We are crying sometimes and getting tense other times, but mostly we are just sticking together and making each other feel better. I'm so excited to show everyone what we've rehearsed and installed. Giving a preview and having extra rehearsal time made me feel much more prepared and excited to put our process on display. 

I'm also really excited because this week I have a job interview, I have a physical therapy check up for my neck, and on Thursday I'm going to Omaha for my cousin's Bar Mitzvah. I'm so excited to see my whole family at home home! I also have plans to attend the Applied Mechanics FEED workshop with UMS. My NELP instructor Becky Wright emailed me asking me to come and told me to bring Call Your Mom. I'm going to try my best to get everyone to come, but I understand that folks are often busy. I'm a little behind in my Printmaking class. The power outage and my parent's visit made it difficult to get to North Campus for long enough to turn in my assignment that was due, but my professor was nice about  it. 

Other than that, hmmm... I'm very excited for what is to come.