The show happened!

I'm so tired! But the show was awesome. It really went off without a hitch this time. No technical difficulties, no weirdos barging in to interrupt us. Some paprika was dropped, broken glass on the floor, but that was pretty much the worst of it! Check out the first round of pictures below! More photo and video to come. We are meeting with our videographer Matt on Wednesday night to talk through the cuts of the show. It seems like we got a lot of interesting footage. 

I still need some time to process the meaning of the show and think about how the experience of performing it translates to the gallery show. Every performance was SO different. It felt like each person's experience of the piece was based off of their understandings of family and home. Many people surprised me with how much they took away from it. Friends whom I expected to laugh sometimes didn't. I think some friends found it darker than we did... There were two performances without much laughter and four performances with super giggly audience members. The turn out was super cool. I learned a lot about my own personal endurance abilities as I watched our energy levels rise and fall from performance to performance. Especially within the 15 minute portions where people were wandering through the house, it felt like we were so busy at first, always turning something on or off, doing a chore, staying in character, but by the second night we all felt so at home within the piece and within the space. I know there is a lot to think through that I haven't yet. I'm excited to write it all down for the written conclusion of the thesis. Right now, I'm tired and sore and all bruised. We also put forth such extreme emotional vulnerability that I feel afraid to judge some of what happened. That said, I'm going to try and make a list of some meaningful moments. 

-The paprika braking on the floor, we stayed in character, swept it up... many people asked if it was intentional...

-acting as silent ghost vs. pouty baby ghost vs. best friend non verbal communication ghost vs. disciplinary parent ghost vs. old unaware grandparent ghost

-each audience was so different (strongest reactions: audiences 1 and 3 on night two, weakest reactions: audience 2 on night one)

-I kept hearing people say "this reminds me of _______." Mostly they said it reminded them of their grandparents' house. I loved eavesdropping in on the whispers. 

-When Mia and I started messing with Phoebe Gloeckner and friend by repeating them

-Pancakes, talking with food in my mouth, "GOLDBERG FAMILY IT'S TIME FOR DINNER."

-Humming while brushing my teeth, making sweet eye contact with Spencer from in/outside the bathroom

-Hiding in the bathtub and whispering at folks

-Hearing Rebecca Rosen sing the lullaby melody on her way out

-Realizing minutes before 10 pm on the second night that I should have been dangling my feet the whole time

-E whispering "we would raise such beautiful children" to Mia during pancake making time, cracking up about it at the after party

-Talking to John about liminal space and graduation afterwards, realizing he got that info indirectly from us, from Sage and Alayna

-Molly and Joe (my siblings) poking and prodding at me from the top of the stairs just like siblings should. Molly not quite understanding it at first, asking me what to laugh at, coming back and actually kind of liking it... Talking so loudly the whole time. 

-Changing up the delivery of the lines each time, direct eye contact address to cute little audience members

-Patrick's ex wife laughing at the bathroom anecdotes

-Inviting people to climb into the nest with me, listening to their reactions once they got inside, making shadow puppet shows on the wall. 

-Wishing people goodnight and sweet dreams as they left

-Falling in love with one another all over again all the time

-Asking Emma for water and pancakes from the living room to the kitchen. 

-Finagling the ending and the audience objects portions until they were smooth at the end

-Improvising and having fun together

-Getting positive feedback from Patrick

-Realizing that my Uncle had used a pseudonym to reserve a spot for the first show, feeling dreamy realizing he was sitting outside the window, feeling special when he gave me the fuse that blew during his first show (they had to cancel/postpone too). 

-Harmonizing, or not getting the harmonies, during the "What is happening" grace/song. 

-Tearing up during the final incantation realizing that everything is nearing its end, hoping we can somehow continue. 

-Feeling accomplished afterwards, smiling.

-Not being able to talk to people afterwards like you usually would during a performance. 


I think that's what I have for now. There is more to say. More later.